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Your data is updated in real time so you can make informed choices about visiting your favorite places.
Our algorithms and software ensure your counts are accurate to within ±0.05 of the actual count.
Predictive data analytics that learn every day allow you to choose when to go to your locations.
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Traffic Analytics
Gain valuable and actionable insights into customer activity trends to determine staffing hours, resource production, and target peak hours.
Cloud Based Solution
All your data is stored in the cloud, so you can access it anywhere, any time.
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Export your data to a CSV to integrate it with any analytics tool you like to manage data in your preferred way.
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How It Works
We install a central hub at your location in fewer than five minutes. The hub is a small device that passively counts how many mobile phones are in a location based on WiFi signal strength. We'll toggle the radius of capture for you in order to accurately count your location. The hub correlates these counts to number of people to provide realtime room occupancy estimates.
We're here to provide you with a way to see how crowded your favorite places are -- we aren't interested in collecting any personal data. Any information we collect is obfuscated with a cryptographically secure hashing function, making it impossible to recover any information in the lifetime our of universe. We've worked closely with and have approval from the UC Berkeley Campus Privacy Office to ensure that your data is safe. Packd is here for you. If you have a concern, please feel free to email us or use the chat option on the right.
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Nick Rose
Cofounder, Systems Architect
Ollie O'Donnell
Cofounder, Frontend Design
Steven Traversi
Mobile Development
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Product Development